Curriculum Overview

At Morley Place Academy, our curriculum has been carefully designed, implemented and reviewed to ensure that it gives all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils and including pupils with SEND, the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We are committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that is carefully planned and sequenced to provide sufficient knowledge and skills that are acquired over time, which prepare our pupils for future learning.

We endeavour to encourage pupils to be creative, inquisitive individuals, who enjoy a challenge. We offer exciting, worthwhile learning experiences that are relevant to individual needs, raise aspirations and broaden horizons, so that every pupil is ready and fit for their future. These experiences, along with an inclusive and stimulating environment helps learners to be immersed in, and enjoy their education so that pupils of all abilities can achieve their potential.

Our curriculum develops knowledge and skills sequentially, allowing children to build upon their prior learning. Underpinning our curriculum is a focus on reading and oracy to create a language rich environment, so that children can thrive and become confident, literate individuals that they can access learning in all subjects.